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Random drug testing takes place in around a thousand schools across America.


Any pupil wanting to sign up for after school classes at Hunterdon Central High has to sign up to be randomly drug tested.

Kids and parents sign a consent form at the start of the school year to agree to the process.

The Vice Principal uses a computer to randomly select pupils for testing during the school year.

It prints out a name, class, timetable and a photo of the student so no one can pretend to be someone else!

If your name comes up you are taken out of class and have to rub a swab, a big cotton bud, on the inside of your mouth. You then put it into a sealed tube and it is sent off for testing.

If someone tests positive the school tells their parents.

The pupil has to sign up for drugs counselling but they are not turned in to the police and they don't get a criminal record.

Court case

Last year the school was taken to court by parents who thought it was wrong to force kids wanting to go to after school clubs to agree to testing . The school won the case.

Lisa Brady, the Principal explained to Lizo that she believes the testing "gives students a reason to be able to say no when they are in situations where they feel pressure to drink or take marijuana".

Most pupils at the school approve of the scheme.

Fourteen-year-old Christian told Lizo: " If you say you don't do drugs then you should have no worries about being drug tested at all."

'A right to know'

Andrea, 14, said: "The parents and the people who work at this school have a right to know who takes drugs and who doesn't."

But Maryanne, 14, told Lizo: "I think that students who teachers have seen acting strangely should be the ones who are tested."

At the moment only a small proportion of American schools carry out random testing.

President George W Bush has just promised tens of millions of dollars in the hope more schools will sign up.


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