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Single Panel Marijuana/THC Home Urine Drug Test Kit

Single Panel Marijuana/THC Home Urine Drug Test Kit

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The single panel home drug test was worked out for people who want to test themselves at home, in private conditions. Our single panel kits are suitable for marijuana, cocaine or met amphetamine. They're effective and designed for the same level as lab tests. The Home Drug Test kits give 98% accurate results for the level of toxins, but not for the effectiveness of the detox products themselves.

  1. Urinate in a clean, dry, broad volume.
  2. Disclose the foil cover along the "notch" Remove the test from the foil cover. (Don't open the cover before you're prepared to test).
  3. Holding the dropper vertically, put 4 drops of urine carefully into the sample well (marked "S") of the drug testing device.
  4. Read the results after 5 minutes. Examine the two color lines: the control band in the "C" region of the test, and the test band in the "T" region of test area.

Positive: There's no line except the control line.

Negative: The lines appeared are control line and test line. The test line may be lighter in color than the control band but thus the result is negative.

Invalid: If you don't see the control line in five minutes, the drug test is invalid. It was failed or the procedure of testing wasn't proper. Ensure the drug test operation and repeat the drug test with a new drug-testing device.

Multi-panel THC/Marijuana Home Urine Test Kit
Buy Now! $19.99
The multi-panel THC home drug test is for the individual that wants to test their toxin level in the privacy of their own home. Our multi-panel THC test detects THC at 4 different levels: 20ng/mL...
Single Panel K2/Spice Home Urine Test Kit
Buy Now! $13.99
A single panel home testing device for synthetic cannabis otherwise known as K2 or Spice lets the individual test their own urine in the privacy of their own home for the compounds found in synthetic...
Home Hair Test Kit
Buy Now! $69.99
The Home Hair Test kit is a laboratory certified testing option that allows you to check your own hair before giving others access to your medical history. The test detects cocaine, THC, opiates...
Saliva 6 Drug Test Kit (AMP/mAMP/COC/OPI/THC/PCP)
Buy Now! $29.99
7 Multi Drug Test Kit is a guaranteed check for presence of unwanted substances in your saliva, the very seven ones which are registered by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration...
5 Panel Home Urine Drug Test Kit (One Step Drug Scan)
Buy Now! $15.99
5 Panel Home Test Kit can be used to check THC, Opiates, Cocaine, Amphetamines and PCP level. The test is also usable for the same levels as laboratory tests. The utmost level for the test is 50...

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